Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with over one hundred waterfalls.. Majority of them include to Nuwaraeliya district and Badulla Districts. Maximum waterfalls are available in Rathnapura district. Highest waterfall of Sri Lanka is Bambarakanda Waterfalls (241m). Bambarakanda, Diyaluma, Dunhinda, Ravana, Bomburu Falls, Ravan Falls, Mana Falls and such several waterfalls at Badulla district. Garandi Falls, Abardeen Falls, St. Clair falls, Devon Falls, Kurundu Oya falls, Ramboda falls and several beautiful falls at Nuwaraeliya District. Bopath Ella falls, Kalthota Duwili Falls and Sinharaja Falls are available at Rathnapura district. Some other falls are available in Kegalle District, Sinharaja, Sri Pada, Horton Plains, Dumbara mountains and such places.

Bambarakanda Ella

The tallest is the Bambarakande Falls which cascades down 263 meters like liquid light. It is only four miles away from the Colombo-Bandarawela road in a forest glade, but it is not visited often, though well worth the trip.

Bambarakande is taller than the famous Diyaluma falls which is only 220 meters but thought to be the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The Diyaluma or Diya Haluma collects its water from the Poonagala Oya in the vicinity of Koslanda and Wellawaya. Located six miles from Koslanda and 13 miles from Wellawaya, its waters originate from the Mahakande Pass in Koslanda. You can see this waterfall if you stop a while on your way to Haputale and detour.

Due to the geological formation of Sri Lanka, the central highlands are surrounded by peneplains, plateaus and valleys. Rainfall sends a large volume of water hurtling down the precipitous edges of the highland mass. The up thrust millions of years ago has caused several peneplains to form, the highest being well over 6000 ft. It is in this area that the water is collected when there are showers and flows down along tributaries down the mountain slopes.

Kalupahana Falls

Having several necklaces the 14m high Kalupahana Falls is situated in Dumbara Jungles in Kalupahana Mountain, Kandy District.

A sodality of falls cascading in several necklaces. The milieu of the fall comprising Pigmy Jungle is enshrouded in mist and darkness; aptly speaking its name 'Kalupahana' is Black Lantern. A lizard species, Dumbara Katussa, is found here. In addition, a snail belonging to 'Moluska' species is also found. Naturalized plants include different varieties of orchids provide more pleasure to the visitors. Spice varieties viz Ensal/Cloves and Nutmeg were introduced in 1940's. These days the consociation covers an extent of 4550 hectares, which is 1/3 of the Nuckles Forest. This area supplies about 45% of the islands spice output. However, as an outcome of this, about 600 hectares of jungle had been cleared resulting in adverse impact on the rain cycle. The depletion of the water table and threat of drying up of confined aquifers looms large. There is an outcry to spare this area from the cultivation of the spice nutmeg.

To get the Water Falls there are two routes. One is from Matale - Pannvila via Bambarella come to Ratnagiriya. From there, trek for 8km through the Dumbara Jungles and the Water Falls could be seen to the right. The other is coming to Illukumbura, 35 km from Matale and via Pitawala, Attanwala & Walpolamulla it is possible to reach the fall. The 7km track is through difficult terrain. This is ideal for eco-tourism and serves to enhance the knowledge of eco-tourists. On the way, one can also view the Dumbara Dooli Falls.

Bomburu Ella

Bomburu Ella waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka and which is at Uva - Paranagama provincial division of Badulla District of Sri Lanka. Bomburu Ella waterfall is at a very beautiful place in Sri Lanka. Welimada and Uva Paranagama are very famous to potatoes cultivation. You can visit Bomburu waterfall and visit potatoes lands and vegetable lands in Welimada.

Bomburu Ella is not at closed to main road. It's situated at long distance from main road and you have to go on a foot to Bomburu waterfall.

This waterfall is situated at between and border of Nuwaraeliya and Badulla districts. There is a valley at Nuwaraeliya district and water comes to falls. Some low rainy seasons people close the water way and that time low amount of water comes to water fall. December January and April May seasons are very suitable to visit this waterfall.

Water is come to Bomburu waterfall from Nuwaraeliya Gregory Lake and many places and after Bomburu Ella this water come to Uma River. Then via Badulu Oya and move those water to Randenigala Rentable and Victoria valleys.

How to get there? You can reach Bomburu Ella from Perawella via Uduhawara via Welimada, Nuwaraeliya. Or Welimada via Bandarawela.

Demali Falls

Demali Falls , is in the Ratnapura district is 105m in height and flows to the Deni River . There is a massive crevasse at the base of the fall. Many are the theories as to how the fall got its name. One is that it has got its name from 'de-mala', meaning ' twin falls '. Other tales of folklore are all connected with Tamils. One is that a young Tamil (demali) shepherd woman who was carrying a pale of milk from Ambagaha Arawa village to Kiri Kandula village was startled by a nefarious king. The woman panicked and fled but tripped, fell into the fall and got drowned.

Another story tells of the mansion of a Tamil minister. When he left to go to war, he told his seven queens that if he was defeated, a white flag would be hoisted from his ship's sails. If the white flag is hoisted, he instructed them to flee in disguise. However, the white flag was hoisted by mistake, so the queens naturally assumed the war had been lost and preferred to commit suicide rather than flee.

Dhuwili WaterFall

Dhuwili Ella of Balangoda Sri Lanka is a very high and a beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka. Dhuwili Ella is at Kalthota which is Hambegambuwa road of Balangoda. There are about 27 kilometeres from Balangoda town and you have to walk 3kms from Kalthota. Dhuwili Ella is situated at below of Samanala Wawa Wally. Samanala Wawa means Wally which is like a butterfly.

Main entrance of Samanala Wewa is at Belihuloya and Pambahinna. Samanala Wawa is situated at 8km Distance from Sabaragamuwa University. University of Sabaragamuwa Sri Lanka is also at Kumbalgama road which is direct to Samanala Wawa.

Dhuwili Ella waterfall is very beautiful and large amount of water falls down from it every second. There fore not suitable to bath at this waterfall. Belihuloya has the No.01 in World pure waterways. There are many sub waterfalls at this region. Denagama, Denagamoya, Imbulpe, Uggala Kalthota and Uggal Aluth Nuwara are some other places seen at this region.

How to get there You can reach Dhuwili Waterfalls from Balangoda - Kalthota road. 27 Km from Balangoda.

Bakers Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Baker's waterfall is one of the very beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This waterfalls is height about 22 meters. Bakers Falls is situated at Horton Plains of Sri Lanka. On the way to Worlds End gap via Horton plans easy to access to the waterfall. The falls is at closed to the border of Badulla, Nuwaraeliya and Rathnpura districts and really in Nuwaraeliya district. Nuwaraeliya, Nanuoya, Bandarawela, Badulla, Welimada areas are the closing towns to this waterfall. There are two main roads to access this waterfall. Those are Nuwaraeliya Entrance and Bandarawela Entrance. This falls can be access from Nuwaraeliya entrance via Welimada, Nuwaraeliya and Ambewela Pattipola areas. About 35km far away from Nuwraeliya to Pattipola and 4Km s to walk into the falls. And also about 40Km from Bandarawela or 30Km from Haputale via Boralanda and Ohiya. In otherwise there is a special secret way to access Horton plains and the falls via Kalupahana, (Between Colombo - Badulla road / A5), Bambarakanda falls, Udaweriya State, Ohiya Upper Estate and Horton Plains. This way is some what damaged and 4wheel vehicle should be needed to travel.

The Fall is very beautiful because various corners and various views shows various beautiful scenery. The waterfall looks like a step view. In top side of the fall like a long pool. There is a point at fall which divides more than thousand of parts and made beautiful scenery in middle of the fall. Below the middle part there has another waterfall available. It also very beautiful. Include all things and fall become to most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka. There is a tree which in front of Baker's Waterfall. It gives more valuable to the falls. Taking photographs with covering whole tree is some what difficult task.

This falls is part of Horton plains. When travels to Worlds End via Horton plains don't miss to visit this valuable and beautiful fall. There are some restrictions on this Falls. That is visitors haven't permissions to bath at this waterfall because several lives had missed with bathing.

Camping area also available at closed to Bakers Falls. Permission from Wild Life department is needed to do it.

Devon Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Devon waterfall of Sri Lanka is one of very beautiful waterfall and which is situated at closed to Thalawakale town. This place is high above 1159m from sea level. This fall is at between Thalawakele and Hatton and 7km far away from Thalawakele town. The height of the fall is about 98m. Easily view this waterfall from main road (A7) of Thalawakele to Hatton. Upper Kothmale power station project also carried on at closed to Devon falls. But it is not affected to water level of this falls.

Devon waterfall is at Pathana area of Thalawakele and very closed to St. Clair waterfall. St.Clair and Devon and like wife and Husband. There is a Mlesna tea center at closed to main observation point of Devon waterfalls in Main road. Some other comfortable resident places also available closed to the fall. But there is only one restaurant at Thalawakele town.

There are two main observation points available at A7 road of Thalawakele. Lower view point is special because both St.clair and Devon falls can be viewed from same place. There is a observation point in railway at Watagoda place which is at 10km far away from Thalawakele railway station.

Diyaluma Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Diyaluma Waterfall is Sri Lankan No 1: most beautiful waterfall and which is situated at Koslanda. Koslanda is at between Beragala and Wellawaya town. Beragala is junction of Badulla Colombo main road (A4). Another way is also available to access Diyaluma waterfall via Poonagala from Bandarawela town. Poonagala place is very famous to tea estates and Tamil people. Diyaluma waterfall is Third highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is height about 171m. Visit Diyaluma is very easy because Diyaluma waterfall is at main road. Most tourists are like very much to visit this waterfall.

Diyaluma is said Sri Lankan no 1 and most beautiful waterfall because its various qualities. This waterfall is very high and high capacity of water come from the top. Then water hits the rock millions of times and water way breaks many times. Mix with wind the waterfall like angel.

Diyaluma waterfall is no1. There fore you should visit Diyaluma waterfall just now. Visit Diyaluma in next New Year season.

Fox hill super cross motor race holds in New Year season at Diyathalawa military academy motor cross way. Minimum distance to Diyathalawa and Haputale to access Diyaluma waterfall.

Diyawatanalla Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Diyawatanalla waterfall is one of beautiful places of Alawathugoda village. This water fall no so hight. In the top has small gutter which used to bathing and washing. When you come down, you can see small gap in water way which used to enjoy children. Down area there has Diyawatanalla waterfall. It's very beautiful. In rainy season fall is better than others.

This fall started at Udamala mountain and flows via forest and moragasdowa area. Sides of this fall you can see various kinds of plants. Some are endemic to Sri Lanka. Some of them are Ma Rathmal, Binara like this.

There is very important place called "Pandas Gala" means special rock which is situated at exactly 5000feet point above from see level. This rock is not artificial. Cultivate at above area of 5000Ft border is prohibited in this area, because to protect upper wateshed.

Various types of monkeys can be seen in this area. Sometimes it causes to bad image for Chena cultivation.

The way to travel Udamala and Nasdanda mountains are starting from Diyawatanalla falls. Teens of Alawathugoda get fun with travel these places and climbing mountains. In April, May months and August, September, October months are very suitable to climbing mountains and travel.

There is way to travel Horton Plains throughout forest from Alawathugoda. It's fantastic tour. Any one can join it with contacting Migara via 0777451354. But this is an advice. Don't put garbage at natural places in Sri Lanka. 22nd Hotspot for living being of the world is Sri Lanka. It is ours.

Dunhinda Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Dunhinda waterfall is one of largest waterfalls of Sri Lanka and which is at Soranathota of Badulla District Sri Lanka. Dunhinda waterfall is made by trowing of water from high gap of Badulu River. The waterways of Dunhinda waterfall are started from Uma Oya, Hal Oya and sme other small rivers at Bandarawela or Welimada area. Dunhinda Falls is at 2km off from Badulla - Mahiyangana road and about 10km from Badulla town. Clear walking path is available for access the falls. There are another small waterfalls available closed Dunhinda waterfalls. Some identify one of the as Small Dunhinda.

Dunhinda waterfall is one of beautiful waterfalls of Sri Lanka. Downside of Dunhinda there are three main reserviors of Sri Lanka called Randenigala, Rantambe and Victoria. Uma oya is directed to Rantambe. Uma Oya starts from Horton Plains and flows through Ambewela, Nuwaraeliya, Uva Paranagama, Welimada, Attampitiya, Haliela, Badulla and ended in Mahaweli River.

Several years ago, Badulla town was a large lake. In that period Dunhinda waterfall was not presented. Large Vine was blocked the way of Badulu River and then the city was a lake. The man called Ranhawadi Dhuraya aspect to remove this vine. He tried several time to remove it. Finnaly he could remove the vine and unfortunetly he was died course of slept. After removing the Vine water moves down with spreading. Then the Large and beautiful waterfall of Badulla was born and it identifis as Dunhinda.

Bathing and playing at waterfall is very danger because downside source is deep and consist of heavy rocks. The drama called "Dunhinda Addara" by Asoka Handagama is describes about related environment of Dunhinda.

Elgin Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Elgin waterfalls is at Ambewela Sri Lanka. It's about 23m height. Elgin is closed to Thalawakele and Ambewela area. But closest town is Ambewela. The fall is at 3km to Nanuoya side from Ambewela railway station. There is a large and deep railway bridge closed to Elgin waterfalls. There are 3 Elgin waterfalls at Thalawakele region. The Estate which falls available is also called Elgin estate. Elgin waterfall is at downside of railway. The fall is containing several parts. And also it's like steps. Closed to the waterfall there is a deep railway tunnel. And also widest upper grass lands also closed to the waterfall.

Elgin waterways are very pure water consisting one. Bath in Elgin and close to Elgin is some what difficult task. Because not a clear path to close to the falls. Downside of the falls there is a village and single line railway station called 'Parakumpura'. Dayagama Ambewela, Pattipola and closed area of the waterfall is very much suitable to cultivate potatoes.

If the waterfall is beauty various numbers of visitors missed this, because there is no clear path to accessing or there is no vehicle way closed to the fall. Various visitors see this on the way by train to up country.

Garandi Ella (Poona Ella) Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Garandi waterfals of Sri Lanka is at Ramboda Thawalanthanne area of Nuwaraeliya district. Garandi Ella means this waterfall likes snake. In top of the waterfall, It divided into two parts. Then two parts are combined and finally flows as one part. Another special thing of this fall is two waterways arriving from different areas get together at top of the falls. Some rainy seasons for Nuwaraeliya both two parts are seem as several colors. Ramboda waterfalls also closed to the waterfall. Some identifies this as Puna (Poona) Ella waterfall. Because large amount of water comes to the fall via Puna Oya.

Downside of Garandi waterfalls is at Kothmale large reservation. It is very big one and many megawatts of electricity are produced daily. Kothmale is known as milk paradise of Sri Lanka. Kothmale has specific sub cultural system. Enterence to Kothmale is Thawalanthanna junction.

Wawandon estate is surrounded to Garandi falls and the village surrounded falls is called Garandi Ella village. There are several observation points available at Kandy – Nuwaraeliya main road. Ramboda tunnel also very closed to this falls. Ramboda main falls, Upper Ramboda falls and several another falls also available in Ramboda Thawalanthanna area.

Kothmale Mahaweli Pagoda is large Pagoda of Sri Lanka. This Pagoda is still being made. This Pagoda can be seen at closed are of Garandi Ella falls. That is at Kothmale. When traveling to Nuwaraeliya in next New Year season of April don't miss to see Garandi falls.

Kurundu Oya Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Second Highest Waterfall of Sri Lanka (189m high)

Kurundu Oya waterfall is second highest waterfall of Sri Lanka. This waterfall is situated at Walapane area which is closed to Nuwaraeliya town. Kurunduoya falls starts from Kurundu River. The fall is high about 189m. This waterfall is very beautiful and very high. Highest waterfall of Sri Lanka is Bambarakanda waterfall and which is at Kalupaha of Sri Lanka. Third Highest waterfall of Sri Lanka is Diyaluma waterfall which is situated at Koslanda area of Sri Lanka. This fall is very beautiful but it's not famous so far than other main waterfalls.

To access this water need to come Nuwaraeliya and travel 18 Km to Kandapola road. Piduruthalagala Mountain is much closed to Kurunduoya waterfalls. The waterfalls surrounded several tea plantations. Laxapana Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Laxapana waterfalls at closed to Hatton and Laxapana Valley. Laxapana falls is 8th highest waterfall of Sri Lanka and this waterfall is higher 115m. And also this is 625th waterfall in world. Laxapana valley is very famous water valley of Sri Lanka and which is supported to provide national Electricity of Sri Lanka. It provides to 50MW for national electricity. Maskeliya oya is main water source of Laxapana waterfall.

Maskeliya and Laxapana area is much closer to Sri Pada (Adam's peak) mountain. Several visitors arrives to this waterfall when travel to Sri Pada. Maussakele reservation and Dikoya reservation also closed beautiful are of Sri Lanka.

Mana Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

There is a mountain of Sri Lanka called Striee Pura (Queens's paradise) is situated at Uva Paranagama electorate of Badulla district. This mountain is very ancient one because 10th or 11th century there was a King of Walagamba (10th Decay) prepared long tunnels for secret things. And also king Manabharana is created beautiful stone buckets to queens and following pictures shows about more. Today also we can see or we can through there. Mana waterfalls are at closed to the water buckets created in ancient time. It is 67 feet high. The waterfall is at Lunuwatha town which is 8Km far away to Udupussallawa road from Welimada town.

There is paddy field called Manawela is situated near Mana falls and closed to Striee Pura mountain. In ancient time it was big paddy field although currently farmers are cultivating in small area. Water comes to the fall from Hal Oya (Rice river). Can be identified from an inscription, stone of there about people had been using this fields lot all the king eras.

Streepura tunnel complex is most valuable and it may be along to Walapane, Dova temple and Ravana Ella area of Sri Lanka. No any researcher ever tried to identify the beauty and hidden story in this waterfall.

Ramboda waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Ramboda waterfalls is at Ramboda pass of Pussallawa Sri Lanka. This fall's height is about 109m and world rank is 729. Ramboda falls at below area Ramboda bridge and invisible to the main road of Nuwaraeliya - Peradeniya. Most of Visitors it may more than 95% are missed to visit Ramboda waterfalls at Nuwaraeliya. This waterfalls is at downside of the bridge. Waterways of near the Ramboda is fantastic there fore most of visitors think waterfalls is at up side of the Ramboda.

When you came to Ramboda place please stop your vehicle and visit go along the footpath at down side of the Ramboda bridge and visit the Ramboda waterfall. Ramboda tunnel also closed to Ramboda waterfalls. This fall has two main drops. More than one waterfalls are available in Ramboda. Some times visitors miss the main waterfall and visit another one. Ramboda falls is at downside of the bridge.

Closed to the Ramboda there is longest road tunnel of Sri Lanka. It is made in 2006 -2007 years and also In Ramboda you can visit the Kothmale Valley and Kothmala Mahaweli Pagoda as well. Mahaweli Dagaba of Kothmale is very higher than many Pagodas of Sri Lanka.

Ravana waterfalls of Sri Lanka

Ravana waterfalls is one of very beautiful of Sri Lanka and which is situated at Badulla district closed to Near Ella place. This waterfall is situated very closed to the Bandarawela-Wallawawaya road. Anyone travel along this way can be seen nice waterfall called Ravana falls. Ravana falls is not a single one. Number of Ravana falls available in closed area. Ravana cave temple, Dova Teple and Ravana fallls are related with legend story.

Ravana means ancient story of India and SriLanka. We can identify that this fall also has long history. Without special reason the name isn't kept. There fore we can't think that Ravana falls hasn't long history.

Middle of the Ravana fall there is a tunnel. People cant though it but in King Walagamba's time they might through it. Some people tried to through it although they couldn't get permission. Near Ravana falls there is a Temple called Dova Temple. This temple also has same tunnel. Some says that those tunnels are not two those are only one. Some says that there are tunnel system to protect king and others. Various places of Badulla district has these type of tunnels. Dova Temple was made by King Walagamba in 13th Century.

Dowa temple king Walagmba ancient Temple and there were very secret tunnel system at between those places. In now some tunnels are there. Through the tunnels is some what dangerous.

St.Clair waterfalls of Sri Lanka

St.Clair is a name of the tea estate and a cool climate place of Thalawakele of Sri Lanka. St.clair waterfall is a very beautiful and wide waterfall of Sri Lanka. St.clair is a place between Hatton and Thalawakale. The falls is known as little Nayagara. Fall is at 5Km away from Thalawakele town. Devon waterfalls St.clair waterfalls and many beautiful waterfalls are at Kothmale river. The fall is at Latitude 6.951178 and Longitude 80.647877. The fall has two drops and 90m high. This waterfall comes via upper Kothmale and various places. Thalawakele, Nanuoya, Hatton and other places closed to this place is known as large and upcountry beautiful tea estates of Sri Lanka.

St.clair is a very beautiful place. This waterfall has large amount of water. Therefore it increases demand and beauty of this waterfall. St.clair is a western name. Before 1948 AD Sri Lanka was govern by British government. They used to grow tea in upcountry lands and export it to UK. In that time they hippies about this waterfall and place the name like this.

Many places of this region have nice and big tea estates. Thalawakele, Dayagama, Hatton, Great western, Hillwood, Blackwood, Horton plains, and various tea factories. You can visit these tea factories as well. Tamil workers are work in tea estates. These workers have political party called Sri Lanka workers congress and it's controlled by Mr. Thondaman.

Thalawakele has nice railway station and special points are also at there. Thalawakele rail way is narrow road and in little distance train travels up to several kilometers.

St.clair is at clsed to the main road and railway.

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