For Comprehension between Client and Sri Lanka for Holidays

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sri Lanka for Holidays staff trained and committed to understand your requirements and provide you with the best available services at competitive rates.

Money back guarantee for misadventures in our service and product quality

  • Delayed or failed receiving at the airport.
  • Failing to provide the requested transport facilities as per the promised quality and standards.
  • Failing to provide the requested hotels as per the promised quality and standards.
  • Failing to provide the requested basis of booking.
  • Failing to cover the locations as per the itinerary. (Excluding natural disasters, any other civil commotion and changes of client's requests)
  • Compensation will strictly be confined to genuine claims and assessment of the genuinely of the claim would be done by a team of senior managers that includes Finance Manager, Department and the respective Operation Director.
  • Quantum of the compensation paid is directly link to the level of lapses on the part of Sri Lanka for Holidays - Sri Lanka
  • Minimum compensation $30, Maximum 55% of the cost of tour Package price.
  • Sri Lanka for Holidays – Sri Lanka reserves the full rights to the decision of claims.


As a customer of Sri Lanka for Holidays – Sri Lanka, we are guaranteed complete privacy. All personal data and information submitted to us will be handled 100% confidential.


Sri Lanka for Holidays does not provide or arrange travel insurance. However, we strongly recommend that all clients that book a holiday package with Sri Lanka for Holidays, take out comprehensive travel insurance when making a booking from an appropriate third party supplier.

Payment and Booking.

Upon receipt of a final invoice, you must immediately enter the Sri Lanka for Holidays online payment gateway via PayPal and confirmed tour by paying 10% of the total invoiced amount or 200 US $ whichever is higher. The balance you can pay using Bank wire transfer or when you come to Sri Lanka.

Transaction Currency.

Currencies quoted on all Sri Lanka for Holidays group of websites and all emails are in United States Dollars (USD) unless otherwise specified.

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